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Hello and welcome to my website! You are currently on the legacy page! The legacy page was designed because I wanted to pull up my website on old computers. Because its cool. This is not an exact mirror of my homepage, and will likely not be updated to reflect it ever. This page was (initially) created on a Windows 98 computer, at 800x600, 32 bit color, and with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.

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Designed for Internet Explorer 5 Designed for 800x600 resolution https://arseniccatnip33.neocities.org/ https://marbledoll.neocities.org/ Neocities.org, the web is yours! https://shenanigans.neocities.org/ https://emocowboy.neocities.org/ https://dokode.moe/indexv3s https://severe.neocities.org/ https://joyfulthought.neocities.org/ https://deviltown.neocities.org/ https://ratpilled.neocities.org https://kidwiththechemicalz.neocities.org/ https://blinkies.cafe https://slowie.neocities.org/ https://vilevampire.neocities.org/ https://marsie.neocities.org/ https://sanhyo.neocities.org/ https://bebetcy.neocities.org/ https://kokoscript.com/ https://randoseru.neocities.org/ https://abbys-notebook.neocities.org/
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Made a database of all the CDs I have and want!


Split the file graph into images and non images, because I had so many images it was messing up the formatting. I also fixed it counting folders in the file total.


Put a little game widget thingy on the homepage :3


Made a legacy page for bitmaps! There are also links to the existing legacy pages on the legacy homepage!


Made a page for wallpapers!


Photographs page is now here!


New setup for the shrines!


Homepage V2 is live! Ctrl+F5!


Added a gallery of bitmap wallpapers!


I added a legacy homepage, designed to be compatible with older browsers (tested on IE 5 and Safari 5)!


The Time Killers (I'm sorry I couldn't think of a better name) page has been added! At the moment its just ports of pages from one of my old websites, but I'll probaby add more to it in due time. I have also reworked some of the sub pages to give them more unique formatting. I plan to come back to them for a more proper overhaul at some point in the future.


The update box has been improved again, now pulling from an xml file that doubles as an RSS feed! Ya know, so you can stay up to date on the changes on the best website on the internet, kirsvantas.com!


This update box now pulls from a text file with php, so instead of having to reupload the entire home page every time I update the update box, I can just add to the file on the server.


Added quiz results to the quiz results tab on my about me.


Reworked navbar to be a grid, hopefully fixed banners getting ad blocked. Also (avaliable) on HTTPS now!


Update box added.

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