Undertale is a 2015 indie RPG created by Toby Fox. While mostly known for it's "mercy" system, which allows you to win fights with monsters without harming them, Undertale also contains another interesting mechanic I feel does not recieve enough attention.

Undertale has very unique defence mechanics. When it comes time for an enemy to attack you in a battle, rather than run some hidden calculation with a few RNG rolls, Undertale transforms from a turn based RPG to a bullet hell!

Something like this.

This is a really interesting way to battle, it removes any chance from the defence portion gameplay, putting how well you survive entirely in their hands. You can win any battle without taking a single hit. Since this is inserted to just the defence phase of each battle, the gameplay still allows for thinking and strategizing at ones own pace, and to make careful moves when on the offense (physical or mental). This results in incredibly rewarding fights. It's satisfying to use hints from dialog and enemy design to successfully spare a monster, while keeping fights from feeling like a button-mashing chore once you've figured your opponent out.

I really wish more games tried out this style of battle.